I used to have a dog named Brutus. He sadly passed away two months ago. He passed away when he was 15 years old. My favorite memory was when I had a concussion. I was laying on the couch in my living room and he came up next to me and sat right on my head. When he did, I yelled “ Brutus!” And my dad was up stairs and ran down stairs to see if everything was okay with it and saw that Brutus was sitting on my head.

I had to get my head out of his fluffy chest so I slid down the couch and fell on the floor. When I got back up I got back on the couch and rested my head on his fluff back. When we both got settled we sat there for hours watching ESPN. That is my favorite memory of Brutus.


Rest In Peace my old bacon lover dog. Brutus.

The Smuggler

                                                                                            Wisdom Tales

Hunter, Liam and I made a stop motion for a LA { language Arts} project. We had to decide on a wisdom tale and we decided on The Smuggler. This story takes place in the Middle East. The Summary for this story is: There is a smuggler and an inspector and the smuggler had a stack of hay on  a donkey and the inspector could not find anything. Then the smuggler told the inspector the prize was the donkey.

After we decided on a wisdom tale we had to come up with a way to present the project, we decided on stop motion. What we did is got characters that would fit the setting. Then we started to film. That is what we did for our project.

Camp Hanes


Early Thursday morning, I stepped foot on bus number two, to go to Camp Hanes. I was nervous if I had all my stuff when the bus started. When it did start I was so tired that I could have fallen asleep but it was hard because my classmates were talking about what we were looking forward to when we got there. During the bus ride we started to watch a movie but we could barely hear it because we were all talking. When we got there I was so tired of the two hour bus ride, but also so excited for the experience ahead.

When we got there, around 10:35, I was so excited. When we stepped foot off the bus we had to bring bags to the gym. Then after we did that we went to meet the counselors. After their long long talk we finally got able to go into our cabins. Once we got into our cabins we got to unpack and get ready for lunch!


We had to meet up with our advisor, by the flagpole. The counselors told us the roles of lunch when we got in there. The first meal of the day was lunch and I could tell everyone was hungry. For lunch we had macaroni and chicken strips. That was a good lunch but there also was a salad bar and they were so good. Also we got dessert which was a popsicle. So I would rate this meal an eight out of ten.


After lunch we got into our groups. And my group’s first activity was archery, I thought it would be boring but it was so fun. My classmate hit a bulls eye and now I owe him five dollars. There also was a ring  toss and I have one at home  and I practice all the  time so I got three in a row not to brag or anything.


After all the fun it was time to leave the camp. It was so sad because we had so much fun. When I got on the bus I did not think I got everything but I did. On the way home we watch a movie. We could not hear anything because the bus did not have any volume. When we got back to school it felt so long since I saw it. That was my experience at Camp Hanes!

My Finding Someplace Backpack


This summer I read Finding Someplace. This is a book about a girl named Reesie who was turning 13 that summer. This book is based in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit the town New Orleans.She had to leave in a hurry so she grabbed what she could and left . If you want to know what happens to Reesie, read this book.

If I was in this situation like Reesie, I would put deodorant in my backpack because I would not be able to shower. I would also bring a lot of food because I would be hungry. I would bring my phone because I would want to stay in touch with my family. I would also bring my sister’s inhaler because she would forget it. I would also bring my crocs. Also bring my water bottle I would bring my wallet for buying food.Also I would bring a flashlight.This is what I would bring.